Jazz Age Lawn Party

Jazz Age Lawn Party

We have been so busy March – July I haven’t had a second to post.  Did you miss me? Here is where I have been with my gaggle of girls and some guys:

First, I have been archiving all 20 years of my past work and putting finishing touches on the website.  Arduous.  Took forever. Can we be done yet? HELP! Then as a REWARD, I went back in the studio to choreograph a Busby Berkeley style number for the newly created Dreamland Follies performed as part of the Jazz Age Lawn Party at Governor’s Island.

Stunning, right? Headresses by Gretchen Fenston, Costumes by Diana Son. Gregory Moore is the dashing gentleman in top hat and cane. Check us out in the NYTimes Style section photographed by Bill Cunningham!  We are the top 3 photos.  I could not be MORE proud.



Miasha Fisher Music Video

Miasha Fisher Music Video



Then, I choreographed a music video for Miasha Fischer with the incomparable PR Brown directing. The song is called “Beautiful When You’re Dancing” because guess what?  WE ALL ARE :-)






As soon as we had a free moment, we headed upstate to scout locations for Tom Rossi’s new music video for “All of her Splendor”. ”Splendor” is gonna be a mix of my ladies dancing in the green fields of upstate NY and then deconstructing that movement within an old crumbling antique structure that is literally falling Apart.

Here are some of the spots we are gonna shoot:

Cannot WAIT to make this happen.  Look for it in September.

We just finished a performance with Lightouts at The Highline Ballroom and are busy as bees in the studio making up movement to more songs for future shows and upcoming videos.

White patent leather pumps (go-go circa 1971) is the new look for our lightouts gigs.   The look comes from this concept:  Sharon Stone and Sophia Loren had a date with Bob Fosse.  He being the stud that he is, gives them both babies.  These babies come out SO RARE and SO BEAUTIFUL that they grow up FAST enough to dance their way out of a Fellini Film where every character comes out of a lucid yet psychotropic dream.

Back to work now.  Getting ready to perform as VENUS in my friends wedding.  Dresses by Elisa Jimenez.   Pics to come end of July.

Thanks for checking in and PLEASE let me know how YOU are.
FIND ME.  I Always love to know whats up with you.



Hi all!! Been working with Lightouts, a cool Brooklyn band on their live show and their music videos. I love this song The Eloise Suite that we made a music video for in November and since a lot of my fave parts of the dance are not in the music video, I am gonna shoot the entire dance as a little film sometimes in March. Here is the actual video and then below it a rehearsal of the actual dance so far. Keep you posted on how it all comes out! Look for Lightouts at SXSW next month! Xo Jordana


Check out the video I choreographed for Cee-lo’s song “Anyways”. Will post the Director’s cut in the new year (with much more dancing!!!).

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Just wrapped a Cee-lo video for a song called Anyways-look for it on MTV next week!
Produced by HoneyBadger and Directed by Wonford St James.
I had such an amazing time with the most talented dancers and crew ever. Looking forward to working with them all again soon!

img_0809 img_0810 img_0810

We had a great video shoot last night with Lightouts, a brooklyn band in my loft. Day of the dead meets Renaissance-Rock-n-Gogo. The ladies killed it! Here are a few snapshots-more photos to come.

img_0794 img_0795 img_0796
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